Casteggio: Not far from there, you can visit the neoclassical Villa Odero, designed for the Botta Adorno marquises at the end of the 19th century. The interiors are well maintained with charming furnishings. The villa is surrounded by a beautiful garden and structures for the production of fine wine. The view stretches towards the hills adorned with vineyards and the plain.

Casteggio: The Bussolera Branca Foundation is located in the hamlet of Mairano and one of its purposes is to conserve the historic residence built in 1685, the former home of the lawyer Fernando Bussolera and his wife Lina, as well as the park and the collection of cars and carriages. The interiors and furnishings of the house are charming. The park unfolds in its beauty. Annual events are held in this natural setting. The buildings are also home to the music house, which offers space for young talents, and the interesting House of Art Brut, which hosts numerous personal exhibitions by international artists.

Calvignano: Villa Travaglino. It is located in the centre of a large owner-run agricultural complex towards the Ghiara stream. It has existed since the 12th century as a possession of the convent of San Maiolo di Pavia and of the Bottigella nobility.

Montalto Pavese: In the heart of the historical old village centre, you can admire the Palazzo Cristina, a residence dating back to the 12th century, as well as various noble and rural buildings.

Montebello della Battaglia: In the historic village centre, you can admire the most beautiful buildings in Montebello, such as the Palazzo Bellisomi with its splendid garden; the ancient Villa of the Lomellini marquises, where the work of Saint Don Orione was based, now dedicated to hospitality with gardens and spaces for events; the Villa of Baron De Ghislanzoni, where Prince Umberto of Savoy was a guest in 1926; and other buildings of considerable importance.

Montescano: In Villa Fiorita, you will find the nineteenth-century Palazzo Olevano, which has been converted into the Salvatore Maugeri Foundation Medical Centre since 1974. Today, it is a cutting-edge institute in the field of rehabilitation.

Stradella: Not far from the crenelated tower, you can also admire the beautiful seat of the town hall, the seventeenth-century Palazzo Isimbardi, with its beautiful garden and interesting frescoed interiors. The fountain of the four cannons is positioned in front of the Town Hall.

Torrazza Coste: The 18th-century Palazzo Galotti building in the historic village centre is particularly worth seeing. It is said that the French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte stayed in Torrazza for some time in this building, which is still in perfect condition and privately owned today.

Rocca de’ Giorgi: The perfectly preserved Villa Fornace belonging to Count Giorgi di Vistarino is well worth visiting, which you can do by appointment as it is privately owned. The richness of its interiors and the magnificent English garden surrounding it make it a unique architectural specimen in the area.