Project Description

Mornico Losana is an Italian village with 612 people in the province of Pavia, Lombardy. It is located on the hills of the Oltrepò Pavese, in the valley of the Verzate stream; from the hill over which the village stretches, dominated by a castle, you can look out over the Po Valley below. This hill divides the valley of the Verzate stream from Val Sorda.
Mornico is mentioned in 1164 among the places granted to the city of Pavia by the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick I, which included all the fortified centres with an autonomous administration (an earlier document from 1001, which is probably false, cites the region of Morenise, that does not correspond to Mornico, but to a place in the municipality of Voghera). It was included by the Pavian in the “podesteria o squadra” of Montalto, given as a fief to the Belcredi, who built or probably rebuilt the castle to function as an outpost for the plain, with respect to the main castle of Montalto, easily visible from here. The municipality of Mornico followed the fate of the feud of Montalto in the later passages to the Strozzi, Taverna and the return to the Belcredi, who in the 18th century took the title of Marquis of Mornico.