Project Description

Calvignano is a village of 111 people. It is located on the hills of the Oltrepò Pavese, between Casteggio and Montalto Pavese, near Mount Ceresino. Calvignano has been known since 1111; it belonged to the Cluniac priory of San Maiolo di Pavia. After the passage of most of the modern Oltrepò to the Pavian dominion (in 1164), the priorate passed it as a fief to the Sannazzaro family, who then passed it in 1371 to the Bottigella; both from Pavia and with many dominions in Oltrepò. In the first half of the XII century Calvignano was part of the municipality of Torre del Monte. The Bottigella family, with the many branches in which it split, also were the major landlords of the area (one farmhouse still has their name). The small fief always remained autonomous from the big neighbouring ones (Casteggio, Montalto e Fortunago). At the extinction of the Bottigella in 1690, it was sold to the Fantoni counts of Pavia.